social work recruitment

Unlocking the benefits of agency work

Are you a social worker looking for a game-changing career move? If you haven’t considered joining an agency, you might be missing out on some incredible benefits that can revolutionise your professional journey and work-life balance. In this blog, we delve into the many advantages of embracing agency work in the field of social work […]

‘Made with Care’ campaign to boost adult social care workforce

The government has relaunched its ‘Made with Care’ campaign for the third year running in an attempt to boost the adult social care workforce.  It highlights the variety of opportunities available and incentivises people to apply for a career in adult social care.  Campaign advertising will be shown across major channels including ITV Hub, Sky […]

Are care workers really being paid less?

According to recent findings, care workers are now earning less and gaining lower-level qualifications than in previous years.    The data also indicates that adult social care employees who receive higher wages possess relevant qualifications, have access to training opportunities, and enjoy job security are markedly less prone to leaving their positions compared to those […]

Pay dispute continues amidst local strikes and walk outs from local government

UNISON, GMB and Unite held talks in September to discuss the local government pay dispute for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  The pay offer currently stands at £1,925 for those earning up to £49,950, while higher-paid social workers could be given a 3.88% increase.  While the three unions all agree that the national offer should […]

Dealing with complaints as a social worker

If you work in health and social care, chances are that you will be complained about at least once in your career. Indeed, this can be damaging to your self-confidence, as well as take a hit to your motivation levels. Nonetheless, learning how to deal with complaints without getting emotionally involved is a priceless skill […]

Social Work CPD: do’s and don’ts

While the Social Work England CPD deadline (30th November) may feel like quite a while away, it will roll around quicker than you think! Today, we’re sharing some key do’s and don’ts for completing your social work CPD, as well as offering a reminder on what counts as a CPD contribution… Do: Provide detailed and […]