Dear newly qualified social worker…

Are you a newly qualified social worker? Congratulations! Here’s a few things to bare in mind before you start your first gig…

1.Ask questions 

Not sure about something? Ask! Whether it’s an instruction you’re being given, information you receive about a case or something you don’t agree with, be inquisitive and make decisions based on your personal understanding. 


2.Know your stuff 

Try and get your head around the policies and timescales concerning your role as soon as possible. This will arm you with the knowledge to challenge those pesky colleagues who attempt to micromanage you. 


3.Set boundaries 

If you don’t set boundaries early on, they will be tested. Whether it’s a colleague or a service user – make sure you’re clear with what you will and won’t tolerate from the start. This will help mitigate burnout and build better protection against secondary trauma.


4.Some days are going to be hard

Unfortunately, social work isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Some days are going to feel heavy but always remind yourself that the work you’re doing is making a positive change to so many people’s lives. 


5.Take time to rest 

Use your time off to rest and reset – you’ve earned it after all! Plan to see your friends, family and most of all, set aside some time for self-care such as exercising, watching your favourite show or taking a long relaxing bath!

Here at Social Personnel, we are here to support candidates in their journey to success. Email us your CV and job preferences to [email protected] one of our helpful consultants will be in touch or call us on 0203 8929 340.

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