Why are unpaid carers not receiving support from local authorities?

The Health Foundation recently revealed that just one in four unpaid carers receive direct support from their local authority. 


The research also suggests that the majority of unpaid carers do not feel comfortable approaching their council for help, with only 8% having done so in 2021. 


Just a quarter of this small percentage received support as a result of reaching out. 


In 2021, there were more than five million people across England and Wales providing unpaid care, with the majority (60%) aged over 50. Perhaps unsurprisingly, more than 60% were also female. 


The report concluded that personalised support could be delivered with the help of improved data, as this would allow councils to better understand the needs of unpaid carers in need. 


It adds that both the NHS and the government are aware of the lack of support for unpaid carers and say improved data would help them identify which carers are receiving sufficient support. 


Currently, the person being cared for is the only person on official electronic records, meaning unpaid carers are not flagged as being undersupported. 


Currently, electronic records only have the person being cared for on file – but unpaid carers are rarely flagged – hence why locating and reaching out to carers who need support has been such a challenge for authorities. 


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