Unpaid carers to receive better resources on malnutrition

Getting the right nutrition is essential for all humans to stay healthy, but even more so for those with a long-term illness or condition. 

Some food properties can even help improve health problems or at the very least, prevent them from getting worse. 

However, new research from Carers UK has revealed that nearly 80% of unpaid carers are concerned about the nutrition of the person they provide support for. 

The study, which was based on data from 8,676 carers, found that there is an overwhelming lack of confidence surrounding malnutrition and how to treat it amongst caregivers. 

Hydration, rapid weight loss and diet were all highlighted as key areas of concern. 

The majority of respondents (79%) caring for underweight individuals said that they worry about how their condition could impact nutrition.

Overall, the results indicate an urgent need for improved and accessible resources on diet and nutrition. 

Carers UK and Danone UK & Ireland are collaborating to help support unpaid carers when it comes to improving their knowledge around under-nutrition and signs to look out for e.g. confusion, thirst and weight loss. 

Helen Walker, Chief Executive of Carers UK said:

“Unpaid carers contend with many issues daily. Caring for a loved one, though rewarding can often also be stressful, at times scary and very lonely. Worrying about whether the person you care for is getting enough nutrition and hydration can add extra pressure to unpaid carers’ lives when they least need it. 

“We need a step change in the level of awareness, identification and treatment of under-nutrition in the community. 

“We have been working with Danone UK & Ireland’s Nutricia business to help unpaid carers raise awareness of this issue and find the right information and support so that they are not constantly worrying about malnutrition and dehydration. It is vital that carers know what signs to look out for and where they can go to for support and advice when they’re worried. Being informed could help reduce some of the stress and anxiety around malnutrition but even more importantly, help the person receiving support become stronger and feel better.”

For further advice and useful materials, visit the Carers UK website.

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