The impact of Social Work: Grace’s care story

We all feel doubt and imposter syndrome sometimes. Even with such a rewarding job such as Social Work, being sure that your work has made a real impact can sometimes be hard to do, this might be because you do not keep in contact with your clients after they leave the service, or you work in a temporary position. And while learning to accept that you might not always know the outcome of some of the cases you work on, hearing feedback and positive stories can really help to boost your motivation. Grace’s story is one we think you will really appreciate, keep reading to find out more.

Grace, 18, works for us as a Recruitment Consultant, placing primarily Adult and Children’s Social Workers in London, and her journey to this point has been slightly different from the rest.

Grace grew up in care services, living in both foster care and a semi-independence home. When she was younger, she was frequently told by her family members and by staff at her school that she would not amount to anything and would not have a job or earn any money. This meant that Grace began to struggle more frequently with anxiety and self-esteem issues, as well as additional mental health-related problems.

Grace relied a lot on her Social Worker and CAMHS staff, who tried their best to stop her from believing what people had told her, helping to build her confidence and change the perceptions she had of herself. Her social worker would make sure to see her almost every day; “she was constantly drilling into my head that things would get better,” Grace said.

Fast forward a few years, and Grace is now 18 years of age and in a full-time position in our Central London headquarters, placing Social Workers into roles that are perfect for them. She feels that she can relate to the lives of Social Workers and better understand their needs due to being on the other end as a service user.

Grace owes a lot of her self-confidence and happiness to the support she received in social care; “I am so proud of who I have become, and I believe this is all thanks to my Social Worker.” Grace adds that by speaking to different Social Workers daily, she can return the favour and “payback” her support.

“I will never forget what this lovely lady did for me, and I will be forever grateful,” she says.

Grace’s story is just one of many cases where the vital work of Social Workers and care staff in the UK has led to a fantastic life for Children in the care system. And, although not all the stories are told, the gratefulness and impact on the service users’ lives remain just as important.

If you ever feel like your role isn’t making a difference, remember that it is, and that person hasn’t told their story yet. We do not always get the luxury of finding out the outcome of all our work, but Grace’s story is one that shows the sheer difference that your work makes every day. So, feel free to come back and read it whenever you are feeling low.

If you would like to work with Grace in your search for a new London-based Adult or Children’s Social Work role, you can get in touch with her below.

Grace Hollands, Recruitment Consultant

07517 907 142

[email protected]

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