social work

Developing resilience in social work roles

No two days in social work are the same and some would argue that this is part of the appeal. However,  sometimes the volatile nature of social work can be overwhelming and cause great deals of stress on particularly challenging days.    The Social Personnel team values all candidates and the incredible work they do […]

Social Personnel: 2022 highlights

It’s been a great year for Social Personnel and as always, we’re full of pride that so many of our candidates are able to help make a difference in local communities. So without further ado, here’s our Social Personnel 2022 highlights…   Company highlights   With our tier 1 access across multiple vendors in the […]

The 5 skills you need as a social worker

Social workers play a vital role in society and dedicate their time to caring for vulnerable people – whether that be offering rehabilitative support, helping a client overcome interpersonal challenges or safeguarding a child’s human rights.    All in all, problem solving is at the heart of being a social worker. This can be a […]