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Thought of the Day: “What is something you wish you’d known before starting a career in health and social care?”

Welcome to our new segment: Social Pulse: Thought of the Day! In this series, we delve into the minds of our experienced social workers to uncover insights, perspectives, and wisdom gained from their journey in the field. This week, we posed the question: “What is something you wish you’d known before starting a career in […]

Empowering social care through technology: enhancing support and safety

In the dynamic landscape of social care, technology emerges as a valuable ally, offering crucial support to caregivers and alleviating the challenges they often face. This digital evolution not only assists but extends the duration of care within the familiar confines of one’s home, contributing to an improved quality of life with a more manageable […]

Pay dispute continues amidst local strikes and walk outs from local government

UNISON, GMB and Unite held talks in September to discuss the local government pay dispute for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  The pay offer currently stands at £1,925 for those earning up to £49,950, while higher-paid social workers could be given a 3.88% increase.  While the three unions all agree that the national offer should […]