health and social care

Developing resilience in social work roles

No two days in social work are the same and some would argue that this is part of the appeal. However,  sometimes the volatile nature of social work can be overwhelming and cause great deals of stress on particularly challenging days.    The Social Personnel team values all candidates and the incredible work they do […]

Dealing with complaints as a social worker

If you work in health and social care, chances are that you will be complained about at least once in your career. Indeed, this can be damaging to your self-confidence, as well as take a hit to your motivation levels. Nonetheless, learning how to deal with complaints without getting emotionally involved is a priceless skill […]

Improving inclusivity in the workplace

An inclusive workplace fosters a culture of respect, acceptance, and collaboration among employees. It not only benefits the individuals within the organisation but also contributes to the organisation’s overall success and growth. Here are some strategies to consider to help promote inclusivity in the workplace: Recruitment and hiring Ensure that the hiring process is unbiased […]

Boat Party Highlights 2023!

On Friday 28 July, we set sail for the annual Social Personnel Boat Party and danced the night away along the Thames. We left Festival Pier just after 7pm, as candidates and their consultants fled to the top deck to enjoy views of the city skyline before sunset. After a healthy dose of fairycakes and […]

NHS Long Term Workforce Plan: what about social workers?

Following the publication of the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan, industry leaders have criticised the omission of the social work profession.  The British Association of Social Workers (BASW) England expressed disappointment regarding the exclusion, emphasising that social workers play a vital role in the healthcare system. Think Ahead, the fast-track training provider for mental health […]

How to make the most of a recruitment agency

Looking to work with a social-sector-focused recruitment agency to help streamline your hiring process and resolve staffing shortages quickly and effectively? Before you start your research, here’s a brief guide on how to make the most of a recruitment agency! 1.Be clear about what you want  Just like you wouldn’t go to an estate agent […]