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CPD ideas for 2023

Don’t leave your CPD until the last minute – get it covered early so you’re not panicking come November! In this blog, our experienced consultants offer a reminder of why CPD is so important to your growth as a social worker, as well as ideas on how to get it under your belt.  What is […]

Social Work Week 2023

Social Work Week 2023 is on the horizon! This virtual event is a great opportunity for social workers – or anyone for that matter, who wants to learn more about the latest happenings and developments in the social care sector.  Hosted by Social Work England, Social Work Week 2023 will run for 5 consecutive days […]

How to record your social work CPD

The deadline to renew your social work registration is rapidly approaching and a requirement of this is to record your CPD, so we’ve put together a quick reminder of process – as well as an overview of the registration for those unfamiliar.   What is CPD?   CPD stands for Continuing professional development. It is […]