Social Workers: the Unsung and Underpaid Heroes of Our Nation. How Can We Change This?

Over the last few months, some light has been shed onto the growing issue of extreme underpayment for our essential social care workers in this country. A recent report by Community Integrated Care (CIC) in their “Unfair to Care” campaign has revealed that these frontline heroes are, on average, paid up to £7,000 a year less than those with similar level roles in other public sectors. This is a pay gap of around 39%. 

It may be unknown to some, but social care workers have lots of responsibilities in their day to day jobs with the end goal being protecting the lives of the vulnerable. To be able to think and act quickly in moments of crisis, to be a caring companion when family aren’t around and to work long demanding shifts has always been the case. 

So why are they so undervalued by the government? Why do so many not even receive a living wage? 

The demand for social care workers is growing as a result of an ageing population, but there are currently 112,000 unfilled jobs, say CIC. This is due to workers simply not wanting to be paid so low for a job that demands so much. 

“Good Care Month”, a campaign by Hertfordshire Care Providers Association (HCPA), was launched to celebrate the great work that social care staff and their colleagues do. They hope that encouraging others to share their success stories and inspiring content will promote the profession and help others considering joining the sector.

Social Personnel have always been behind our social care workers. They are the backbone of our society and we are honoured to help many in securing their perfect role and career. We understand the importance of supporting these causes and shouting from the rooftop about the significance of these frontline staff! 

We fully support these campaigns and urge you to get involved to help our social work heroes out. 

Visit CIC’s website here and get involved by contacting your MP:

HCPA’s Good Care Campaign: 

There are other ways you can help in the fight for fair pay, for example joining a union. There are plenty out there for you to choose from with fair pay being the forefront of their priorities. Some examples include (but are certainly not limited to) GMB, TUC, Community-tu and more.

From the bottom of our hearts, we say Thank You Social Care! 

Let’s take action today.

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