Social Work Re-Registration! Are you ready for the deadline?

If you are not aware, social workers have one week left to re-register with Social Work England! The deadline is 30th November 2021 and SWE urges social workers not to leave this to last minute, so make sure everything you need to do is complete or you may risk being removed from the register.


If you do not register in time your service users, employers and colleagues may be affected and there could be delays in your employment. Registering before the deadline also means you don’t have to pay any added fees.


The to-do list is to:

  1. Apply to renew your registration
  2. Pay your registration fee
  3. Record your CPD


If you need any help with the re-registration process, there are useful video walkthroughs and a detailed step-by-step guide on how to complete the application form on the SWE website. As well as this, there is lots of information about who needs to apply if you are still unsure.

The last step of the re-registration process is to record at least one piece of CPD, this can include listening to our podcast series called ‘Upfront about Social Work’. We are currently prepping for season 4, however we have plenty of episodes for you to listen to in the meantime.

Some more ideas of CPD are as follows, taking part in and reflecting on work shadowing or supervision, reflecting on your decision making at work, reading and reflecting on an article or book, preparing or leading a training session/workshop with your care staff. Click here for a good article containing every little thing you need to know about CPD.

One last thing, if you are new here and haven’t yet registered with us, you could get 6 hours of CPD covered. Follow this link to register via our website.

If you have any questions your consultant is always there to help you or drop us a message on social media.

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