Social Work England launches equality, diversity and inclusion action plan

Social Work England has launched a new equality, diversity and inclusion plan for 2023 to 2024.

The regulator emphasises that social work is all about advocating for people’s rights and standing up for those who are marginalised in our society.

It hopes that this new action plan will help social workers to continue to address inequality and drive positive change.

Colum Conway, chief executive of Social Work England, said: “We’re clear about our responsibilities as a regulator, and are committed to, and ambitious about, what we can accomplish when we work collaboratively to foster best practice in equality, diversity and inclusion to ensure our processes, and the wider sector, are rooted in fairness.

“The equality, diversity and inclusion action plan outlines our commitments for this year and I look forward to working alongside colleagues to achieve them. I’d like to thank our equality, diversity and inclusion steering group, our National Advisory Forum, employee forums and networks, people from across the organisation and key external stakeholders for their consideration and contribution to this action plan.”

Ahmina Akhtar, head of equality, diversity and inclusion at Social Work England, said: “This action plan brings a new focus and drive to progress our equality, diversity and inclusion efforts. It builds on the work we are already doing and sits alongside, other interconnecting strategies such as our people plan and approach to data and insights. We are proud of the progress we have made but acknowledge the many challenges that lay ahead and recognise that we still have a lot of work to do.”

SWE released its first equality, diversity and inclusion action plan back in January 2022 which covered up until March 2023.

What’s next? 

Social Work England has established its diversity goals for 2023-2026, which are rooted in: values (e.g. fair treatment of all individuals), performance (e.g. diverse workforce & better representation) and duty (compliance with professional standards).

Objectives set out by the organisation include:

  1. Carry out our regulatory functions fairly

  2. Develop our culture as an inclusive organisation that attracts, develops, supports, retains, and fully engages diverse talent

  3. Proactively deliver communications and engagement activity in a way that is diverse, relevant, and accessible to all

To find out more about SWE’s equality, diversity and inclusion action plan click here.

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