Recruiting the next generation

Social Personnel have been looking at how we can look to grow our talent base. As a business we have a good track record of bringing in entry level candidates and developing them into a good recruiters, giving them a solid foundation in the industry and allowing them to develop their careers in a nurturing, fast paced recruitment environment.


Part of our thinking was that we would engage with an apprenticeship provider to look at how we can work with both young and disadvantaged people. This forms part of our CSR strategy where we are hoping to not only take in apprentices in entry level roles but where we would also engage with a charity partner so all of our staff can give back to the community and show young people that with application, hard work and the right organisation that too can progress. Having worked with an apprenticeship provider previously I knew what to expect which is why we encouraged our team leaders to interview candidates. This gave them exposure to interviewing, probing and scoring potential hires which provided them the opportunity to learn new skills and put them into practice.


Overall the day went very well: with two vacancies to fill we decided to test out the process initially and get an idea of quality, potential and ability. Our learners were all relatively new to the world of work but I was pleasantly surprised at the passion and keenness displayed by these individuals. All of these candidates put together comprehensive, well thought out responses to the questions we put to them and I think our team leaders were impressed by the confidence of these young people. I think that this particular group have given us some food for thought and we will have a very difficult decision to make as to who to take forward.


Working with an apprentice provider has been a good experience for everyone concerned and, alongside our work with our charity partner, could inform our hiring strategy for the next 12 months. We already have a number of exceptionally talented individuals who work for us who started out in resourcer roles and what better way to give them the opportunity to mould the next generation than to let them have a hand in developing them.

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