Perm Social Work FAQs with Lauren!

“For progression and development you want to be permanent.” 💼

Considering taking on a #permanentjob in #socialwork, but not familiar with the ins and outs of a long-term role? Let Lauren talk you through it! 💪

In this video Lauren answers the following questions:

1) Why would you recommend switching from Locum to Perm Social Work? (00:08)
2) What is the process at Social Personnel in helping people get Perm roles? (01:00)
3) Why is Permanent Social Work so important? (01:55)
4) What do you enjoy about placing Perm roles? (02:30)
5) What kind of perm roles do you currently have? (03:15)
6) What can I expect when switching from Locum to Perm? (04:10)

Convinced? Email us today at [email protected] and Spring into Social Work! 🌼

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