Our compliance process: a chat with Fiona

Compliance and safeguarding remain our top priority as a leading provider of health and social care staff in the UK. Our dedicated compliance team ensure that you can get started in your new role quickly, taking as much admin away from yourself and your employer as possible. This week, we sat down with our Compliance Director, Fiona Nalwoga, who chatted to us about the process here and what you can expect from herself and her friendly team when you are preparing to start a role through Social Personnel.


Why are we the first choice for compliance processes in the health and social care industry?

“I’m a firm believer in the phrase ‘if you’re going to do something, then do it well’, and I am fortunate enough to work with people who also have this same value,” says Fiona. “At Social Personnel, we work to a best practice standard and are members of both APSCO and REC, which means we go above and beyond the industry standard with our thorough process”.


Fiona explains that at Social Personnel, every candidate has an allocated compliance officer that works on them: “We try to make the compliance process stress free for our candidates and at the same time keep the high standard expected from our clients. By having a dedicated officer, we make sure that requests are not repeated, and a relationship is built between officer and candidate to make the process more efficient for all parties involved.”


How do you ensure that our process is rigorous and up to standard?

“The compliance team and I work towards a best practice for all candidates at the registration stage so that when candidates are then placed, the majority of the compliance process is nearly completed and only a minimum is outstanding.” Fiona’s process ensures all candidates have been checked and that all compliance has been obtained prior to the start date, which helps to guarantee that nothing has been missed.


Can you give us a quick overview of how the process works?

“Once a candidate has been sourced via the resources, they are passed onto the compliance team and at this point, they are allocated a compliance officer based on jobs/locations etc,” Fiona explains. “Then the compliance officer will make contact with the candidate and the compliance process will begin. At the point of placement, the compliance will be checked again to make sure that all the requirements have been met.”


Who can you expect to talk to during your compliance checks?

“Who you will speak to on our team varies on where your placement is located and on your area of expertise/role within health and social care,” Fiona says. Fiona’s team has a combined experience of 30 years in the industry, and they are experts at ensuring all candidates have a smooth process and feel supported when getting ready to start a new role. You can meet Fiona’s team below:


London based Social Work:

Katie Ross | Compliance Manager

Simone Jones | Compliance Officer

Lilly Wade | Junior Compliance Officer


North based Social Work:

Sarah Robinson | Compliance Officer


Project-based Social Work / Transformation Teams:

Misba Johnson | Compliance Lead


Healthcare roles:

Sibel Kasab | Compliance Manager

Cydney Troubridge | Trainee compliance officer


How is the compliance process at SP stress-free?

“We understand that our candidates are busy and can have hectic work lives, and my team always tries to make the process as quick and efficient as possible for all involved.” Fiona explains that often the team will go the extra mile to accommodate candidates: “We will sometimes meet the candidate at their place of work or anywhere that is convenient to them to ensure they are able to provide the necessary documents and information. We keep all communication channels open so if it’s easier to send a text than have a long phone call we will do that.”


Fiona also explains the importance of having an allocated compliance officer in ensuring the process is as smooth as possible: “It allows for a relationship to be built up which means that unnecessary things are not requested, candidates are familiar with their officer, and they can work towards fitting the process within their working day.”



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