New Year’s resolutions for 2023: social worker edition

New year, new you? It’s not always easy sticking to New Year’s resolutions, but we’ve come up with some that are easy to implement and will very much improve your life as a social worker. Here they are… 


Show appreciation for your colleagues


Making your colleagues feel valued will boost their confidence and remind them that they are an important asset to the team. So next time you spot a peer doing something well, make sure to praise them. Even if you just like their hairstyle that day, we guarantee it will make their day to get a little compliment. 


Write, write, write 


Journaling your experiences – including the good, the bad and the ugly – is a really helpful way to process your emotions. Whether you struggled with caseloads this week and are feeling burned out, or had a really positive day where you feel you made a real difference to a service user, being able to refer back to and learn from past experiences will help you grow as a professional.


Get more organised 


As a social worker, organisation is your friend. Having a system for organising caseloads, prioritising tasks and mapping out your day is super helpful for reducing stress and increasing productivity. Find out more about our top tips for getting organised as a social worker here


Don’t be too hard on yourself


Research has shown that social workers who practise self-care are less likely to experience compassion fatigue. So remember to make the most of your downtime, and spend it doing something that helps you switch off from work. Self-care also means taking it easy on yourself when things don’t go to plan because being a social worker is hard work! So cut yourself some slack and celebrate the little wins day to day. 


Build better relationships


Going that extra mile for your colleagues, clients and professional partners will help you build stronger relationships, which is especially important for clients going through a hard time. Plus, if you establish yourself as the helpful one, then the favour is bound to be returned at a later date. Helping one another is at the forefront of social care and results in more positive outcomes for everyone – so keep doing it!


Social Personnel wishes all social workers a fantastic 2023! Remember, we’re still available to chat over the Christmas period if you have any queries. Just give us a call on 0203 8929 340 or email our friendly team via [email protected]

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