Men in Social Work

As we come to the end of #MensHealthMonth we would like to shed a light on a few things in relation to men in the social care sector. Firstly, we want to celebrate the contribution of the male workforce to the adult social care sector. Thank you to all the males working within the social care industry for their hard work and dedication.



Secondly, we want to encourage more males to start their careers in social care as only 18% of social care workers are currently male. This may perhaps be because of the stigma behind careers in social care being for females. The Guardian has spoken to social care providers and leaders, who have expressed that “they need to change the public’s perception that a career in care is only for women.” We would like to raise awareness about this disproportion and want to help men be more represented within the industry. Here is where we need your help, if you are a male in the industry yourself or just have a good idea concerning this topic, please get in touch and tell us what we could do as an agency to make males feel more represented within the industry.


Ross and Ronan, two males working in social care, were interviewed by Frontline and gave their views on why more men should become social workers. They have said that when working with families, the men are often less likely to engage with social workers compared to the other family members. This problem could be addressed by having more male social workers who can encourage the men that they are supporting or caring for to open up to them by being a relatable figure. This would also lead to people having the option of choosing to be cared for by a female or male. Ross and Ronan have further said that they usually work with families where a man has been abusive, aggressive, controlling or perhaps absent altogether, so it is nice for a calm and respectful male social worker to be that positive male role model.


The Guardian has also interviewed a male social worker called Adrian, who put across the view that “more men would become support workers if they understood the variety of the role” so we found a good source that showcases the vast number of roles within the social care industry. If any of these roles interest you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so we can help you start your career in social work. Register here or contact us via email at [email protected].


Lastly, we want to spread awareness about #MensMentalHealth and would like all men to know that they are not alone and there is always someone out there to talk to about anything and everything. We have put together useful links full of information about what to do if you feel alone and need someone to talk to:

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