Team Manager Leaving Care

Main Duties and Responsibilities
• To have experience with, or a willingness to be trained and learn, the Signs of Safety practice
model and support this approach in all aspects of the work carried out by the team.
• To have previous management or supervisory responsibilities of other practitioners working
within children and families services, including the Leaving Care service.
• To keep apprised of the changing contexts, research, practice theories and statutory
procedures that govern work with young adults leaving care at the local and national level
and to implement these within the team.
• To contribute to the development and implementation of local policies and service
improvement strategies and support their implementation within the team and service.
• To provide specialist social work and child protection knowledge and advice to the team,
service, and other multi-agency professionals that helps them better understand the diverse
experiences of the young adults leaving care with whom we work.
• To liaise, network, influence, and coordinate with other multi-agency partners to provide the
best level of multi-disciplinary support to young adults leaving care and where appropriate
their children.
• To represent the local authority in a professional and competent matter, especially when
making representations at court, with families, or with other agencies.
• To work within the Council’s policies, procedures, values, and code of conduct at all times
and to help ensure others within the team are aware of and follow these expectations.
• To ensure that timely response and action is carried out by the team to any contacts,
referrals, allocations, complaints, information requests, child protection enquiries, court
directives received, and plans for children.
• To ensure the practice and management oversight of all work and performance in the team
is compliant with relevant laws, statutory guidance, and local procedures that govern
children’s safeguarding, adult safeguarding, the social work profession, health and safety,
employment law, human rights, and data protection.
• To maintain regular supervision and appraisal of worker performance in the team that
includes case management oversight, timely decision making, the effective implementation
of pathway plans, reflective space, respectful challenge, recognising areas of good and bad
practice and supports the ongoing learning and development of workers.
• To regularly audit and review case work and records so that case notes are
contemporaneous and sufficiently detailed, case summaries and chronologies are up to date,
assessments and reports are completed to a good standard and are holistic, that plans are
being actioned and monitored for progress, contingency plans are in place and utilised when
necessary, the voice and best interest of the child is consistently evident, and decision
making takes place at key points in the planning and review process for children.
• To chair strategy, review, planning, professional, and network meetings as required.
• To authorise, review, and manage expenditures within the prescribed budget so that a good
balance is struck between supporting what is in the best interest of the child and spending
public funds in the most responsible, effective and efficient manner.
• To keep the team fully staffed by supporting the recruitment and interview process for new
practitioners, both within the team and across the service, and monitoring this in relation to
changing circumstances (ie: workload fluctuations, worker illness or absence).
• To be available after hours as necessary to support workers who may be dealing with crisis
and casework responsibilities to safeguard young adults.
• To work within the Council’s policies, procedures, values, and code of conduct at all times
and to ensure you and the team reflect these when carrying out professional responsibilities
with members of the public.
• Other duties as required necessary to carry out the smooth functioning of the service and to
meet our corporate parenting and safeguarding responsibilities to children.