Team Manager, Family Wellbeing Service

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Family Wellbeing Service (Early Help and Prevention)

Team Manager
Service Manager, Family Wellbeing Service

Family Wellbeing Service provides a voluntary offer of integrated early help for families with specific problems, but who do not meet the threshold for statutory intervention. The service will be for families where there is known domestic abuse, parental mental ill health, parental substance misuse, children at risk of exclusion or who have already been excluded from school, physical chastisement, parental learning disability/need and low level neglect.

Reporting to the Service Manager you will share the management with 2 other Team Managers.

The Team Manager role will ensure best and effective practice is delivered through the provision of professional supervision, observed practice and a quality assurance process.

We are looking for managers who understand that children and their families need practitioners who will have good and consistent relationships with them, who will work alongside them to identify sustainable solutions to their difficulties and be able to hold them in mind all of the time.

Principal accountabilities

  1. To manage Family Keyworkers, cases and pieces of work as delegated by the Service Manager
  2. To supervise and advise on complex strength based family assessments and SMART planning for children and their families, and to develop and monitor wellbeing plans which will support sustained improvement in the outcomes/life chances of children and families and ensure sustainable ‘step down’ to integrated universal services.
  3. To ensure that robust assessments, plans and reviews are undertaken for all children and families and carers as relevant, to a high standard and within timescales
  4. To ensure that high quality performance and monthly reports are prepared and presented in a timely fashion
  5. To ensure that children and their families/carers are an integral part of all aspects of the assessment, planning and review process and that the wellbeing plans and robust in meeting children & family needs
  6. To ensure that all work with children and their families is carried out in accordance with statutory regulation and guidance in respect of responsibilities in the safeguarding of children
  7. To ensure that electronic case records and reports are accurate and up to date
  8. To ensure that statistical and other information is recorded and provided as required

for the purposes of planning, development, business cases and performance monitoring

  1. To advise Service Manager of casework issues and staffing issues in line with departmental delegated powers and supervisory responsibility
  2. To recruit, induct, manage and develop staff within area of responsibility
  3. To provide regular and recorded supervision and staff appraisal for delegatedmembers of staff in accordance with departmental guidelines and requirements
  4. To ensure the training and developmental needs of staff and locality team are met
  5. To ensure that performance issues are dealt with in accordance with personnel policies and procedures
  6. To provide expert leadership, guidance and advice to staff, including monitoring of safeguarding issues and to include attendance with them at relevant meetings, family visits, review meetings
  7. To represent the team or Service Manager at relevant internal and external meetings as required
  8. To agree allocation of relevant financial expenditure, as delegated by the Service Manager
  9. To ensure that all whole-family SMART action plans are delivered in a way that delivers best value for money alongside best improved outcomes for children and their families reducing the need for escalation to high level statutory services
  10. To chair meetings, including reviews of family SMART action plans.
  11. To contribute to the Family Wellbeing service development and improvement,including development of a team action plan.
  12. To keep up to date with relevant legislation and guidance and ensure the staff team are up to date with relevant legislation and guidance
  13. To lead on projects and programmes as required or delegated by the Service Manager
  14. To contribute, as required, to the development and delivery of training programmes
  15. To undertake initial investigations into complaints
  16. To ensure appropriate risk assessments are undertaken and that Health & Safety procedures are followed
  17. To carry out all duties in accordance with the Borough’s Equalities and Diversity policy and all other Borough and departmental policies and procedures
  18. To undertake such additional duties as are reasonable within the responsibilities of the post and which the Service Manager may require, including working from different locations and within flexible hours.


This job has expired.