Social Worker – Adoption (Regional Adoption Agency)

Purpose of the Job:

Manage a caseload of various levels of complexity, involving the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of appropriate action, to ensure that resources are utilised effectively to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and their families and to provide assessments for prospective adopters.
Liaise with adoptive parents, adopted children, social workers, foster carers and birth parents as necessary and appropriate to carry out the work.
Raise the standard of professional work within the Team by contributing to training initiatives and “in-house” core training courses for Newly Qualified, Developing and Maturing Practitioners whilst consolidating a breadth of social work practice.

Main duties and responsibilities:

• Manage a high and diverse number of cases within the parameters of agreed policies and practices, together with the professional guidance and support from Senior Practitioners to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and meet their individual needs.
• Work in partnership with the child, parents and carers, Health Service including Acute and Community Trusts and with Primary Care Trusts, Education Authority, District Councils, commercial and private sector and voluntary bodies to identify, evaluate and review care plans to produce positive outcomes for children and their adoptive and foster families.
• Assist the Senior Practitioner and other colleagues in identifying, planning and delivering its core tasks of recruiting, assessment, training and supervision of adoptive families and foster carers to a high professional standard.
• Keep contemporaneous case notes and regularly update records, reports, plans and assessments so that information and planning for the children is the most relevant and current.
• Maintain an awareness of changes in child development etc., and related theories, legislation, corporate and directorate policies, local and agency practices, in order to disseminate knowledge and contribute to the delivery of a high standard of service.
• Attend regular “in-house” core training courses, compile a portfolio of evidence supported by experiences in the field to achieve appropriate competency levels
• Regularly review the progress and implementation of children’s plans and update these based on new assignments or significant changes in the child or family circumstances
• Prepare applications for submission to Family Courts and represent the County Council’s Children & Families Service as and when required in Court in accordance with procedures to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.
• Keep up to date with research findings, theoretical models and innovative practice within the social work field.

Footnote: This job description is provided to assist the job holder to know what his/her main duties are. It may be amended from time to time without change to the level of responsibility appropriate to the grade of post.


CQSW/DipSW or equivalent and registration as a social worker with SWE
Post Qualifying Awards 1. 2. 3. 4 and 5


Successful completion of ASYE year together with 3 years’ experience in the Adoption Team

Proven experience in diverse post qualification practice experience in Children Social Work Teams

Experience of undertaking direct work with children and young people


Computer literate with good written skills for report and assessment writing

Excellent interpersonal skills to communicate effectively with clients and colleagues

Ability to work independently within clear guidelines and regularly uses initiative to make decisions, referring to more senior officers for advice on policy/resource issues

Ability to undertake comprehensive assessments

Ability to complete Annex A reports

Ability to recognise and evaluate risk to children and assess measures to reduce that risk

Ability to monitor and support children and families.

Ability to maintain accurate and up to date case records


Good Working knowledge of The Children’s Act 1989, Adoption Act 1976, Adoption Regulations, the National Standards Framework for Adoption, and comprehensive knowledge of the Adoption and Children Act 2002.

Good working knowledge of Procedures relating to Looked After Children, Children in Need and children in the Child Protection System

Good working knowledge of Policy and Procedures relating to Permanency Planning, Child Permanence Reports (CPR) and Adoption plans for children.

Good working knowledge of family relationships

Good understanding of Family Court Proceedings

Good understanding of child development, separation, loss and impact of developmental trauma on children.

Good working knowledge of Assessment Framework, Siblings Assessment, Life Story Work, Direct Work to Prepare Children for Transition

Good understanding of attachment theory

Good understanding of linking and matching process that considers children’s identified needs with prospective adopters’ strengths and vulnerabilities.

Good understanding of inter-agency working, inter-agency placements

Good understanding of prospective adopters report (PAR)