Job Description

As an experienced Social Work Practitioner the Senior Practitioner in Adults Social Work teams is to hold more challenging and complex casework with adults with care and support needs, their families and carers. Operating with a high degree of autonomy and authority using a range of evidence-based, social work interventions and tools. Alongside this you will provide a high degree of professional support to staff, contributing to & facilitating the learning and development of less experienced Social Workers in the team. Leading on practice development to improve performance and quality of service delivery and ensure integrated, multi-agency working is at the heart of improving outcomes for adults with care and support needs. Senior Practitioners will possess advanced social work knowledge and skills and have their practice recognised as exemplary. They consistently demonstrate a high level of competence and confidence in the full range of social work tasks, particularly in relation to Adult Safeguarding, adults with complex care and support needs, mental capacity assessments, DoLS  and partnership working, ensuring that they fulfil their duties at the level of capability required of an ‘Experienced Social Worker’ in accordance with the Professional Capabilities Framework.

Key Accountabilities

  1. To provide a service to adults with care and support needs, their families and carers who meet the threshold for statutory social work intervention. Assessing, planning and reviewing the needs for appropriate services and providing reports. Providing advice, support and information to meet adults with care and support needs in partnership with families and carers
  2. Commit to the protection and safeguarding of adults with care and support needs and value and respect their views and needs.
  3. Contributing to the development of the team and service ensuring service users are provided with effective services ensuring anti discriminatory practice and in accordance with agreed performance standards.
  4. Participate in individual and group supervision and training, to ensure that team and departmental performance standards are met and individual professional skills and knowledge is developed.
  5. Ensure written records are accurate and kept in accordance with Data Protection requirements and department policies and procedures.
  6. Contribute with the Team Manager in developing a Business Plan within a strategic framework for presentation to the Service Managers.
  7. Participate in the monitoring and evaluation of service delivery and service performance against specified standards and targets.
  8. Contribute and/or undertake direct work with individuals, families and groups in conjunction with other teams or resources.
  9. To work flexibly according to the needs and requirements of adults who have care and support needs, their families and carers to achieve the most effective service and fulfil statutory requirements.
  10. To perform other duties that may be specified by the Team Manager or Service Manager.
  11. Represent the Team in meetings as directed by the Team Manager.
  12. Establish effective interagency relationships at a strategic and operational practice level to promote effective interagency assessment, planning, implementation and review.
  13. Represent the Council as required in internal and external settings.
  14. Work alongside the Team Manager in providing briefings and reports about individual cases for Senior Managers and elected members as required.
  15. Alert the Team Manager to complex and contentious case management issues so that positive and timely action can be taken to address risk and meet needs.
  16. Develop and disseminate a good understanding of evidence based practice, integrating models of best practice into day-to-day service delivery. Keeping up-to-date with new developments and ways of working, utilising appropriate research and national guidance.
  17. Provision of professional support to staff as determined by the Team Manager ensuring social work practice is carried out in accordance with statutory guidance and Council policy and procedures
  18. Help to identify learning needs within the team and contribute to the development of team learning, including review of the impact of training on the quality of practice and outcomes for children and using reflective supervision.
  19. To participate in undertaking audits, analysis and identification of patterns form audits, creating & implementing plans to improve practice and outcomes for adults with care and support needs.
  20. Participate in working groups set up to improve the quality of practice and service delivery.
  21. Mentor and provide coaching as required to newly qualified social workers and those with less practical experience.
  22. Develop professional expertise in at least two key areas relating to adult safeguarding, CHC, Mental Capacity assessment, Court of Protection, DoLS
  23. Develop your own knowledge and skills in order to maintain expert knowledge in practice areas as agreed with the Team Manager in supervision and appraisal.
  24. Promote and demonstrate the meaningful participation of adults with care and support needs, their families and carers in individual assessments and plans and in shaping service delivery
  25. Ensure that workers in the team work within relevant legal, regulatory, procedural and policy frameworks
  26. All Social Work Staff are required to adhere to the various professional standards, including the Professional Capability Framework and the Health and Care Professions Council Standards.