Science Lead Teacher – Coventry

Science Lead Teacher


Job Description

Job title:

Lead Teacher of Science

Reports to (job title):

Headteacher/Deputy Head

Hours of work:

41 hours per week


Up to £43,000 per annum depending on experience

This is an independent special school for children with autism with associated special educational needs and communication difficulties.

Established in April 2006 and numbering circa 600 employee. This school is an independent provider of specialist day and residential schools as well as children’s homes across England for children with a range of special educational (SEMH) needs. Our mission is to develop confident and capable young people by meeting their educational, health and social care needs in structured, nurturing school and home provisions. We work in partnership with young people, their families and carers and other stakeholders to achieve outcomes which make a difference.

Main duties and responsibilities

General duties

Secure high quality teaching and effective use of resources to achieve the highest standards of achievement for all pupils.

Contribute to the development and realisation of the whole school science planning, and the aims, vision and ethos of the school.

Develop and implement the school’s schemes of work, and comply with school policies and procedures, in particular those relating to the wellbeing and safeguarding of children.

Attend staff meetings, in-service days, parents’ evenings, parent consultation meetings, and any other functions or meetings required.

Assist with the organisation of, and participate in, extra-curricular activities.

Establish effective working relationships with colleagues, and set a good example for pupils and staff through a high level of professionalism.

Participate in, and if necessary help co-ordinate, any appraisal arrangements made by the school which relate to own performance and that of other teachers.

Staffing and communications

Responsible to the headteacher in all matters, to the appropriate member of the school leadership group in respect of curricular matters and the Assistant Head Pastoral in respect of pastoral matters.

Supervise the teaching and non-teaching staff allocated to work in the science department or pastoral group

Create a team atmosphere and build effective working relationships with staff.

Work with other lead teachers in order to promote mutual understanding of the school curriculum with the aim of improving the quality of teaching and learning in the school.

Keep up-to-date with developments in the science curriculum and teaching and learning methodologies.

Advise the headteacher on the aims and policies of the science department and the resources required to implement these.

Assist the headteacher in the preparation of reports relating to the work of the department to be made to the LA and to the school’s governing body, as to any relevant publications about the school.

Ensure effective communication with the parents of pupils.

Teaching and learning

Develop and implement policies and practices for the faculty which reflect the school’s aims and ethos.

Implement and deliver an appropriately broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum for the department of science, with the input of staff and building on pupils’ prior knowledge.

Co-ordinate the preparation and development of courses of study, teaching materials, teaching programmes, methods of teaching and assessment.

Review and refine schedules, schemes of work and syllabi to ensure that they meet the needs of pupils of all ages and abilities, ensuring that they are all able to progress to their potential.

Monitor and support the overall progress and development of the pupils within science lessons in line with national curriculum requirements.

Engage in oral and written assessments, reports and references relating to individual pupils and groups of pupils.

Lead by setting an example, achieving your own high standards of classroom practice.

Prepare informative and constructive written reports for parents that identify how each pupil is performing, and how they can improve within the classroom.

Share and support the school’s duty to provide and monitor opportunities for personal and academic growth.

Look to get feedback from both staff and pupils on the teaching and learning experience in science and act on the information accordingly.

Resource management and evaluation

Maintain efficient and effective control of the department’s budget.

Seek to ensure the effective use of the department’s equipment, proper maintenance of the materials and fabric of the department, and the observance of relevant health and safety regulations.

Oversee the day-to-day management, operation and control of the curriculum within science, including the effective deployment of staff and resources.

Maintain records and inventories relating to science resources

Contribute to school evaluation processes and keep the work of the department under review.

Produce an annual development plan for the Science department.

Person specification

Qualifications and training

  • Have qualified teacher status.
  • Have a 2:2 or above degree in a science-related subject.
  • Post-graduate qualification, e.g. master’s degree.
  • First-aid certificate.


  • Successful experience teaching Science at key stage 3 and 4
  • Experience of working with young people with additional needs
  • Some experience developing school policies and practices
  • Experience of working with children with high functioning autism

Knowledge and skills

  • An understanding of what constitutes outstanding teaching and learning and the ability to put this into practice
  • The ability to use data to monitor student progress and inform curriculum planning
  • An understanding of good practice when quality assuring the work of the department
  • The ability to put in place effective intervention for underachieving students
  • Good organisational skills
  • An understanding of the qualities of a successful scheme of work and the key principles of assessment
  • The ability to coach and mentor other teachers
  • An understanding of current developments in Science teaching and wider educational issues
  • Good behaviour management skills
  • The ability to motivate young people

Personal qualities

  • The ability to form good working relationships with colleagues and pupils
  • The ability to prioritise and meet deadlines
  • Confidence in leadership roles
  • A commitment to continued professional development
  • A desire and commitment to contribute to the wider school and its community
  • A clear philosophy on teaching Science
  • A commitment to protecting the welfare of young people


This job has expired.