Head of Fostering, Compass Fostering

  • Salary:
    £50,000 - £60,000
  • Job type:
  • Posted:
    1 year ago
  • Category:
    Social Care
  • Deadline:
    1st November 2021
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  • To lead, motivate and guide the operations teams in delivering the overarching strategic plan for Compass.
  • To ensure we provide outstanding care and the best possible outcomes for our children and child protection and safeguarding principles are embedded in practice.
  • To deliver operational excellence and financial performance of the business whilst safeguarding children and young people by exceeding regulatory standards and requirements; ensuring that the overarching quality assurance systems are embedded and adhered to across the service.




  • Provide clarity of the organisation purpose and the values that underpin that, focusing on providing outstanding care and outcomes for children.
  • Lead by example with integrity, sustain wide, current knowledge and understanding of social work practice and broader child protection issues.
  • Create a shared vision which inspires, motivates and encapsulates the organisations commitment to provide outstanding care and outcomes for children, throughout the organisation so that it is applied to everyday practice. Continuously evaluate how best to keep the vision a reality, identify what needs to change and build upon existing strengths.
  • Create a culture in which excellent practice is expected and celebrated; critical incidents are used as a way to learn, improve practice and hold poor practice to account.
  • Set and uphold high quality practice standard, instilling a strong sense of accountability in staff for the impact of their work on the lives of children.
  • Provide a safe, calm and well-ordered environment for all staff, and ensure that the practice system is developed ensuring that processes and methods of recording and well established, fit for purpose and efficient and of a high quality, addressing early signs of difficulties.
  • Drive a culture of constant reflective practice, remain inquisitive and challenge thinking and decision making with the best outcomes for children at the centre.
  • Continually review the quality of front line practice, provide sufficient organisational, professional and personal support to ensure the wellbeing of practitioners so that they can provide excellent practice for children.
  • Ensure that risks are managed with the child’s best interest at the centre of all decision making and that subsequent actions are followed through.






  • Lead and monitor all aspects of service delivery to ensure full compliance with safeguarding policies demonstrating a sound knowledge when completing the annual Regulation 35 and provide reports to and attending the Compass Safeguarding Board.
  • Drive the organisational strategy in a forward-thinking and innovative way ensuring that targets and key performance indicators are achieved and exceeded in line with the regional business plan.
  • Drive change and constant progress so that children get the very best help and support so that they grow up in homes in which they can thrive and receive all the support to which they are entitled to.
  • Deliver an effective people management approach for a team of Operations Managers which includes regular and meaningful supervision, coaching and mentoring, performance management and the on-going development of the Operational Management team, building a cohesive team with high levels of motivation.
  • Develop and forge new and strong relationships with local authorities, commissioning groups and other external and internal stakeholders in the region in order to generate new revenue streams and develop existing ones further.
  • Work in collaboration with the Marketing team to create recruitment strategies within defined geographical regions to support organic growth.
  • Actively manage and monitor budgets, and control performance to ensure that value for money across the Region is delivered whilst providing an efficient and effective service.
  • Attend and facilitate monthly Performance and Development Review meetings and providing information to the Operations Board as required.
  • Ensure compliance with Social Work England to retain job title and registration.



  • Social Work Degree or equivalent Social Work Qualification and Level 5 Management Qualification.
  • Significant post graduate experience.
  • Membership of relevant professional body.
  • Management experience at a senior level preferably within the IFP sector.
  • Proven track record of delivering results including improvements to service.
  • Excellent knowledge of childcare legislation; specifically the Regulations and Standards for Fostering.
  • Successful management of large budgets / operations operating within financial constraints and / or competing priorities.
  • Understanding of Health and Safety legislation and their role in protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of colleagues and others.





  • Is visible, approachable and earns respect; inspires and motivates others, building high performing teams.
  • Demonstrates the high standards of integrity, honesty and fairness expected; carries forward decisions of the operations board.


Strategic Thinking and Planning

  • Drives delivery of strategic aims and anticipates future demands, opportunities and constraints; demonstrating knowledge and sensitivity of stakeholders’ needs;
  • Translates strategic aims into practical and achievable plans;
  • Makes decisions in a timely manner, even in uncertain circumstances.


Delivery of Results

·    Defines results, taking into account the needs of the stakeholders, delivers results on time, on budget and according to the agreed upon standards;

·    Encourages feedback on performance and makes improvements based on them;

·    Makes clear and considered recommendations and advice to the operations board.


Personal Effectiveness

·    Is aware of personal strengths and weaknesses and their impact on others with ability to take a firm stance when a situation warrants it;

·    Pursues adopted strategies with energy and commitment, managing own time well to meet competing priorities;

·    Adapts quickly and is flexible to new demands and changes;



·    Has in-depth knowledge and experience related to the group and knows when and how to find and use sources of expertise, within and outside the group;

·    Understands the environment within which the group evolves, including regulatory frameworks and applies best practices from other sectors and organisations;

·    Understands how policy impacts on operations, staff and others who may be involved with the group.


Intellect and Judgement

·    Generates original ideas with practical applications and encourages creative thinking by others;

·    Defends logic of own position but also responds positively to reasoned alternatives;

·    Delegates decisions appropriately.


Emotional Intelligence

·    Able to sense what other people are feeling and able to express own feelings;

·    Knowing what we are thinking and feeling, how this makes us behave and understand the impact this has on others;

·    Being able to handle our feelings in ways that are safe and respectful to ourselves and other people;

·    Being able to support other people through emotional difficulties



Managing Change

  • Encourages innovation and positive change in services;
  • Exhibits ability to manage change constructively;
  • Effectively communicates the reason / need for change, involving others in the process and assessing the impact of ch


The details contained in this Job Description is not an exhaustive list of duties and you will be expected to perform different duties commensurate with the level of the post as required by the organisation and the overall objectives of the group.  The nature of the agency business means that tasks and responsibilities are sometimes unpredictable therefore colleagues are expected to work flexibly when the occasion arises. Travel is expected as part of this role including travel to other Compass Community offices.


This job has expired.