Bexley Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO)

Children’s Services
Professional Standards and Quality Assurance (PSQA) Bexley Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) Service Manager PSQA
• Carry out the statutory role of Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) providing advice and managing allegations against professionals or volunteers who work with children in Bexley.
• Lead on and be accountable for all the duties of the LADO and undertake and/or oversee all operational LADO activity.
• To provide consistent high-quality specialist safeguarding advice to professionals.
• To chair Allegations against Staff and Volunteers meetings as governed by the
requirements of the Children Acts 1989 and 2004, Working Together to Safeguard
Children, and Keeping Children Safe in Education.
• To chair Child Protection Conferences as required by the service to a consistently good
standard using the Signs of Safety Conference model.

Principal accountabilities
• To provide specialist advice and consultation to social care managers and partner agencies in respect of any allegation of harm towards a child by a member of staff or volunteer who works with children.
• To have management oversight in the investigation of any allegations of harm towards a child by a member of staff or volunteer who works with children in Bexley. To chair Allegations against Staff and Volunteers (ASV) meetings as outlined in Working Together and London Child Protection Procedures.
• Co-ordinating LADO investigations within the set timeframe and provide timely written records of discussions and decisions made, including outcome letters. Ensuring high standards of record keeping on the Liquid Logic Children’s system (LCS). The LCS database should be used to keep comprehensive records of all allegations or concerns made and the outcomes.
• Record, interpret and present social care information and issues that can impact on the risk or needs assessment of the child/young person. This may involve disclosing proportionate and relevant information related to the parents/carers or siblings.
• To ensure that the voice of the children is heard in the context of the allegation made or concerns raised about staff or volunteers who work in Bexley. Ensure that the support of any relevant child or adult is considered as part of the LADO process.
• To represent Bexley at London LADO network meetings and share and learn from practice developments introducing innovative practice ideas into Bexley where appropriate ensuring governance arrangements are followed.
• To monitor and track referrals to the LADO service to inform on emerging trends. Provide regular informative reports to the senior management team and the Safeguarding Partnership on LADO activity showing learning and progress.
• Producing and presenting annual LADO report to senior leaders and partnership. This report will contain key performance data on LADO activity throughout the year, analysis of key trends, report on any areas for learning and make recommendations.
• To work effectively with stakeholders, forming robust strategic alliances and develop effective working arrangements with partners and other related organisations to improve service delivery and promote creative and innovative ways of working.
• To provide consistently good standard in chairing of Child Protection Conferences as required by the service.
• Establish links with all relevant social work staff / teams and effective lines of communication. Providing consultation and advice on safeguarding procedures, policies and practice in relation to safeguarding children.
• To attend and share relevant information with multi-agency panels as required contributing to the complex risk assessment undertaken in such forums. To keep accurate records of interagency liaison and monitoring of progress in such cases.
• Support the continual development of staff by contributing to the development and / or delivery of training in relation to safeguarding procedures including LADO.
• Explain clearly, and with sound rationale, highly complex safeguarding information to a wide range of professionals.
• Supporting and undertaking quality assurance activity and the implementation of new statutory requirements and guidance, as well as learning from evidence-based practice reviews of child protection issues including LADO.
• Undertake other minor and/or non-recurring duties appropriate to the post as may be directed.

Organisational Control and Development
• To keep under review and develop the structures, procedures and working methods for which the post holder is responsible to ensure an integrated, effective and efficient approach to the delivery of services.
• To ensure that working practices and processes are developed that maximise the use of new technology to ensure efficient and effective delivery of services to residents.
• Undertake specific investigations where the need for independent worker is identified as determined by senior managers.
• Identify training needs and contribute to Children’s Social Care and multi-disciplinary training in relation to safeguarding practice.

Personal Effectiveness
• Maintain a detailed and thorough knowledge of all relevant government policy, legislation, statutory guidance to ensure that practice and performance across Bexley.
• To present timely and relevant advice and information to Members and to ensure that Group Leaders are briefed on major and sensitive issues.
• To deal promptly with all matters requiring the post holder’s personal attention.
• To be fully conversant with relevant statutory provisions and the Council’s constitution, processes and procedures; to develop the full range of managerial and professional skills and knowledge to satisfy the requirements of the post.
• To keep abreast of research and developments relating to safeguarding children to
inform relevant professionals, promoting a learning culture by sharing practice learnt in conferences, network meetings and reviews.
• To establish and develop effective working relationships and productive partnerships with all the relevant partners, including those in education, health, social services, independent and voluntary sectors.
• To work according to the Council’s data protection and confidentiality standards including the requirements set by General Data Protection Regulations.
• All staff working in the department have a responsibility for prompting and supporting the Council’s policies and procedures for safeguarding. You should ensure that you carry out your duties in a way that ensures the safeguarding and welfare of children and adults.

Education & Formal Training
• Relevant social work qualification – e.g. DipSW or CQSW or Degree in social work
• A recognised management qualification

Relevant Technical Experience, Knowledge & Skills/Abilities
• Understanding and ability to coordinate and respond to allegations of harm in relation to staff and volunteers working with children
• Substantial post qualifying experience of statutory children and families social work, especially in complex child protection work. At least one of which should be in a supervisory and / or management capacity.
• Experience of working with a culturally diverse population including children and families from culturally diverse backgrounds and with children and families with special educational needs.
• Experience of leading work related to safeguarding and child protection; strategy meetings and devising child protection plans.
• Experience of providing consultation/advice and/or delivering training in relation to safeguarding issues.
• Knowledge and understanding of the Signs of Safety Practice Model
• Thorough working knowledge and experience of applying good practice and research findings, as well as the main developments relevant to the service area, key partner agencies and how they are applied to practice.
• Excellent risk assessment and planning skills and the ability to make thorough defensible decisions on safeguarding / LADO situations.
• Ability to develop and maintain good relationships, to work in partnership with children and families, staff and partners to promote and facilitate collaborative practice.
• Experience of analysing complex information where information is drawn from multiple sources and may be conflicting or incomplete.
• Demonstrable experience of tailoring your approach to each conversation appropriately, responding in a clear evidence-based way even in complex situations.
• Experience of contributing to staff development through activities such as presentations, training sessions, group discussions and mentoring.
• Experience of maintaining and update electronic records in accordance with departmental policies, write reports and briefings as required.
• Significant experience of undertaking audit activity, collect collate and analyse information to inform service planning and / or resource management.
• Fully proficient in IT systems or programmes e.g. Liquid Logic or similar social care ICT systems.

Other Additional Requirements
• Up to date registration with Social Work England (SWE)
• Full clearance by the Disclosure and Barring Service at Enhanced Level with a check if the barred lists.


Behaviours for staff

Behaviours for managers


I respond flexibly and adapt to changing demands

I am prepared to take managed risks to achieve better outcomes

I ask ‘What if…? to develop fresh thinking and innovative approaches to generate and implement solutions to improve performance and challenge the status quo

I routinely look for innovative and cost-effective ways to improve performance and customer service

I champion change and deal successfully with ambiguity, enabling people to see positive and exciting possibilities for the future

I take calculated risks based on available evidence and my professional judgement to learn and try new things


I demonstrate a clear sense of purpose and direction, in line with organisational objectives

I am willing to take difficult decisions

My personal actions promote a positive image of Bexley

I take responsibility for my service and for making things happen to make a difference to my service users

I create an environment where staff can thrive and show I value and trust staff, give praise and recognise good work

I inspire, lead and encourage staff to move forward


I show respect for others and value contributions from

I encourage the feeling that the team is a collective unit with shared goals

internal and external partners and customers

I recognise the right solution, regardless of who initiated it

I seek out and work with partners who can help me achieve the outcomes and objectives I need to deliver

I engage with service partners and other areas of the Bexley organisation to understand the demands on others and seek solutions as One Council

I network internally and externally

Listening and Responding

I acknowledge other people’s viewpoints and work with them to find a win-win solution

I prepare and present information anticipating questions and problems

I adapt my style to the audience and their needs, using the most appropriate communication channels

I seek regular service user feedback and review customer data to shape service improvements

I ask staff for ideas on how to improve our service and how I can improve as a manager, listen to them and act on them

I empower staff to make decisions and changes to improve value for money, customer service and productivity

Open and Accessible

I see issues from the customer / user perspective

I monitor customer feedback and level of satisfaction with the service they receive, and use this to improve and pre-empt customer needs

I seek to build and maintain positive relationships with customers and partners

I am accessible to my service users, customers, staff and Members

I communicate and share a clear vision for the bigger picture as well as specific service areas

I outline what is expected of individuals and their contribution to the whole, and am consistent in my expectations


I prioritise my activities and resources to focus on those which have the most impact for residents

I design services that provide value for money and deliver our outcomes, informed by evidence

I take responsibility for making things happen and achieving my objectives

I make decisions and clear recommendations based on my professional opinion and experience, informed by a range of information and evidence

I produce, prioritise and adapt plans to meet changing requirements

I set interim goals to achieve notable wins on the way to larger objectives

I deal with poor performance



This job has expired.