How to record your social work CPD

The deadline to renew your social work registration is rapidly approaching and a requirement of this is to record your CPD, so we’ve put together a quick reminder of process – as well as an overview of the registration for those unfamiliar.


What is CPD?


CPD stands for Continuing professional development. It is designed to help social workers improve their skills and maintain good practice. This is a documented process which should act as a record of your professional development.


Social Work England has 6 professional standards, of which CPD is number 4. These standards set out what practitioners must understand and be able to do.


Where do I record my CPD notes?


Recording your CPD has become easier than ever, simply fill out the new form, which asks a number of questions that are designed to help you reflect on your CPD activity. Click here for more info and to record your CPD, just log into your online Social Work England account and go to the section named ‘Your CPD’.


What are the benefits of CPD? 


  • Demonstrates your professional competence to future employees and regulators
  • Evidence of fitness to practice
  • A go-to for interview prep 
  • Offers a complete record of your professional development 
  • Can help you identify areas of improvement or gaps in your experience 


New requirements


Practitioners must now record a minimum of two pieces of CPD a year, one of these must be a peer reflection. 


When’s the deadline?


Make sure you renew your registration by the deadline on November 30th, otherwise you will have to pay a £90 late fee to complete the application. Unlike previous years, Social Work England is no longer giving social workers a 21-day grace period – so be prompt! 


For further information on CPD guidance, visit Social Work England.

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