How can I maintain a healthy work-life balance in the run up to Christmas?

The fairy lights are up, mulled wine is on offer in supermarkets across the UK and Mariah Carey has fully defrosted. Christmas has arrived. 


Although spirits are high, we know it can be hard to switch off from work during this busy time – especially for social workers who are in the routine of looking after others rather than prioritising themselves. 


However, striking the perfect balance between your work responsibilities and spending time with your loved ones this Christmas is essential to your mental health, productivity and general enjoyment of life! Let’s delve into the how…


Be organised 


As a social worker, your working hours may not always align with those of your 9-to-5 friends and family members. Instead of endless planning in the group chat, why not create a shared calendar so that important people in your life can clearly see when you’re free to join in with the festivities. Not only will this help you better visualise your work schedule but will be a nice reminder of all the events you have to look forward to! 


Set boundaries


Saying no is key to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Don’t have the capacity for a bigger caseload? Can’t work overtime because you promised to decorate the Christmas tree with your family? Not up for your mate’s Christmas gathering because you had a tough week? Whatever the case, being transparent and putting yourself first will work wonders for your mental health and means you can reserve your energy for the occasions that matter. 


Use your time wisely 


Even if you only have a few days off in December, make sure you spend them doing things you enjoy! We’re not saying to neglect your friends and family – but at least put some time aside for self-care, like watching your favourite Christmas film, baking cookies or having a cheeky glass of red…


Social Personnel wish each and every one of you a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Remember, our team is here to help even during the holidays so do reach out on 0203 8929 340 if you have any questions. 

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