CV Writing Tips

Below are a few handy hints and tips to help make sure your CV stands out from the crowd.


  • Pick a professional font, Times New Roman, Calibri and Tahoma are still the best choices
  • Ensure font size is suitable, around 11 or 12 is easy on the eye and allows you to get plenty of content in without making it too long…as the new bullet recommends
  • Try to keep it to a maximum of 2 pages long. We all know how busy hiring managers are, they want to see the key facts quickly…
  • Therefore, bullet points rather than lengthy paragraphs – you’ll have time to talk and fill in the detail in interview
  • Keep it neat and tidy with breaks between sections and consistency of spacing throughout.
  • You do not need to include a photo



  • Ensure you are only including relevant information. If you are 15yrs into your career, we no longer need to know you were a prefect at school
  • Tweak your CV before sending it out, make sure it is tailored to the job you’re applying for, emphasis on the skills it requires – as long as you have them
  • DON’T LIE – you will get caught out
  • If you have done the same role at various locations, e.g. a social worker, don’t repeat your job description. Set out a list of all your key skills and abilities e.g. assessments, court work; and then under each dated employer, instead give a brief description of what you brought to the role – a hiring manager knows the job description of a social worker, so this is your chance to stand out
  • Ensure all relevant qualifications are included along with professional registration details
  • Cover any gaps of unemployment with dates and reasons, e.g. time spent with family, maternity leave, travelling etc.



  • No jargon
  • Ensure it is spellchecked and grammar checked
  • Proof read, Proof read, PROOF READ before sending


If you’re starting from scratch, please have a look at our CV Guide – it’s basic but follow the pattern and you’ll have the makings of a great CV.

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