CV Writing Guide

Below is a very basic CV guide for you to follow. Fill in the sections with your own details to ensure a well-structured, organised and easy to read CV.

Name Surname, Address, Contact details


Personal Statement

A brief summary of you and your experience. If the job is in a particular area, ensure to include this so the employer immediately knows your skills match the requirement


Qualifications and Registrations

Include all relevant qualifications

HCPC registration etc.


Training and CPD

List all relevant training courses and extended learning you have done


DBS Check

Confirm you have an up to date DBS check by including the date of issue and/or number


Employment history:

Job Title


Dates to and from (starting with your most recent and continue in reverse chronological order)

Write a description of the role you did, followed by bullet-pointed key responsibilities.


Gaps in Employment
As you work back through your career, ensure any gaps are covered with dates and reasons, e.g. Caring for family, career break to travel etc.


Bullet any awards, accreditations or significant experiences in your career.


Provide two, one of them being your most recent employer. If you do not wish them to be contacted until you’ve secured your next role, make sure you have highlighted this to your prospective new employer.

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