CPD ideas for 2023

Don’t leave your CPD until the last minute – get it covered early so you’re not panicking come November! In this blog, our experienced consultants offer a reminder of why CPD is so important to your growth as a social worker, as well as ideas on how to get it under your belt. 

What is CPD?

Continuing professional development (CPD) refers to a set of activities which help enhance an individual’s understanding of their sector and help improve their skills in the workplace. 

What are the requirements for social workers? 

Social workers must record a minimum of 2 pieces of CPD a year (1 December to 30 November) in order to renew their Social Work England registration. 

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Why is CPD important? 

Engagement in CPD proves to employers and clients that you are proficient in your role, and up-to-date on current best practices and industry standards. 

What counts as CPD? 

CPD activities need to promote active learning and ultimately help you develop your skills as a social worker. For example: 

  • Write about your degree

If this is your first social work role, it might be a good idea to write a reflective piece about the knowledge you gained during your degree. What theories have you been able to apply to your practice? What have you learned so far now you’re qualified? 

  • Mistakes are your friend

Documenting the occasions where things didn’t quite go to plan can be really useful material for CPD. So next time you have a difficult DoLS assessment or a challenging home visit, write down why it went wrong and how you would adapt your skills next time. 

  • Self-directed learning 

If you’re a busy bee outside of work, self-directed learning is an easy way to get your CPD in without having to reshuffle your schedule. This can include: reading an article related to social work, watching a free TedTalk, listening to a podcast or researching an area of social work you want to know more about!

Remember, CPD should be enjoyable and enrich your understanding of social work in a way that engages and motivates you. 

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