Could VR revolutionise care?

When we think of virtual reality (VR), most of us will picture someone riding a roller coaster in silly goggles or throwing hands at a seemingly invisible threat in their living room. But have you considered the possibilities of VR beyond the world of gaming and entertainment?


Increasingly, we are seeing VR being used in health and social care as a tool for learning. This is advantageous as it means that trainee social workers can ‘live’ different scenarios in a controlled environment as preparation for the real thing.


Even more incredibly, VR offers social workers the opportunity to experience life as a service user – whether they suffer with partial blindness, dementia or are a child in the social care system.


Back in 2018, the Cornerstore Project was trialled. This is a VR experience which puts social workers in the shoes of a child being abused and neglected. The project was extremely successful in helping social workers and foster parents better empathise with children who have been traumatised; enabling them to better provide suitable care.


As well as enhancing the training process, the technology is also being used to improve the mental wellbeing of those in care by providing virtual vacations. As the user puts the headset on, they are transported to a sunny seaside of their choice – without having to endure a 4 hour wait at Stansted Airport…


Overall, it is clear that virtual reality is a major disruptor in the social care sector and we can’t wait to see how it develops in the coming years.

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