Cost of living top tips and resources for social workers

Social workers, are you looking for some financial support during the current cost of living crisis? Look no further, because our dedicated consultants have put together a selection of resources to help you out. 


Financial support available 

The Social Workers’ Benevolent Trust 

Provides grants for specific small purchases or small debts, these tend to be approximately £450 but on occasions can be more or less. 


Helps social workers find benefits, grants and financial support online. 

Social Work Professional Support Service 

Offers an essential safe space and support for social workers to talk and think through issues. 

Practical tips

Here’s a few ideas for saving money when it comes to the basics. 

Energy bills

There are a number of ways to keep warm without having to turn the heating on unnecessarily this winter. For example, you could try taking a hot bottle to bed or investing in an electric blanket to keep you toasty at night. Don’t forget, everyone in the UK is entitled to a £400 energy grant from the government to help you cover the rising price of gas and electricity bills. 


Want to save money on food?  Here are a few ideas:

  • Prep your meals in advance so you don’t overshop. 
  • Cook big batches of meals and freeze them for future consumption. 
  • Take advantage of reward schemes e.g. Gregg’s is offering its new app users a free bake and a hot drink. 
  • Become a mystery diner
  • Don’t go food shopping when you’re hungry! We all know it doesn’t end well…

Set a budget 

We know it’s dull, but making a spreadsheet or jotting down how much you’re going to spend on essentials such as food, bills, rent/mortgage and entertainment can help you feel less stressed about money in the long run, as you’ll know exactly how much you have to spend on things you enjoy!

Remember, you’re never alone and there is help out there. If you need to speak to someone, call the wellbeing support line for health and social care workers: 116 123. 


If you are currently looking for a job, we can help you find a role that can match your salary/rate expectations. Give us a call on 0203 8929 340 or send us your CV and job preferences via email: [email protected]

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  • Thara 2 years ago

    I know that there is a lot that you can do. In terms of saving money be aware in other words in order to reduce spending costs. Look for money off vouchers for nice restaurants and take your own snacks and drinks to the movies and plays at the theatre as well. Research the current discounts and deals. Make up some brief summary notes too. Go on free picnics on a beach.
    Best wishes. Buy only very cheap items from charity shops and find out about own brand goods. Visit church book fairs to purchase more wanted stuff and also attend craft fairs to get products. At the mall be careful. Have no spend days each week. Pay careful attention to the total cost of things. Stick to a shopping list.

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