Celebrating National Family Caregivers Month

November is National Caregivers month and here at Social Personnel we’re taking the time to celebrate the 13.6 million family caregivers across the UK.

This year’s theme is #CaregivingHappens to emphasise that caregiving happens often unexpectedly or at inconvenient times, whether that be when you’re running late for the school run or in the middle of an important meeting. 

Family caregivers work tirelessly and often underpaid to provide care for their loved ones, so let’s show our appreciation. 

Here’s a few ways in which you can get involved in raising awareness this National Family Caregivers month…

Offer a helping hand

Is there a caregiver in your life who needs a break? Why not show your appreciation by offering them a helping hand where you can, even if it’s just picking up their grocery shop or scheduling regular meetups that fit into their demanding schedule so they have the opportunity to relax and offload.

Share their story  

Not only is sharing a carer’s story (with their permission) a great way to celebrate them but also helps bring awareness to their needs. Perhaps someone in your network will see the post and share useful resources, or even offer a lending hand themselves. 

Use the hashtag to raise awareness

Let’s get #CaregivingHappens trending so we can spread the word and help celebrate family carers around the world. As part of your Tweet/Instagram/Facebook post, why not include a story about a carer in your life or take the opportunity to explain what the hashtag means and raise awareness of the reality of being a full-time carer. 

Where can carers get support? 

  • Join a local support group – there is plenty of support out there for you to take advantage of. Check out this helpful page of resources put together by Mind. 
  • Practice self-care – we know you’re busy but prioritising yourself now and again is paramount for your wellbeing. Have a bath, watch your favourite show or treat yourself to your favourite meal next time you have some time off. 
  • Talk to friends and family if you are struggling – you’ll be surprised how many people are willing to help out when you ask and it’s healthy to get things off your chest. 

The team at Social Personnel take their hats off to dedicated family carers up and down the UK and strive to continue raising awareness for all your hard work. 

Want to talk? Get in touch with us via email at [email protected].

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