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Men in Social Work

As we come to the end of #MensHealthMonth we would like to shed a light on a few things in relation to men in the social care sector. Firstly, we want to celebrate the contribution of the male workforce to the adult social care sector. Thank you to all the males working within the social […]

Mental Health & The Social Care Reform – Helping both service users and care staff

With the government’s social care reform planned for September, there has been a lot of discussion about what this will entail, and which areas need immediate attention. It is important to remember that a large number of our mental health services are provided by our Local Authorities through social care staff, and the continued underfunding […]

How you can use podcasts towards your CPD requirements

Did you know that listening to our podcasts counts towards your CPD? Social Work England has confirmed that ‘any activity that you feel would improve your practice counts, including listening to podcasts. Our very own podcast, Upfront About Social Work, which is hosted by our very own and Lawrence has some fantastic insightful episodes that […]

Locum Workers: Changes to Umbrella Providers

Some of you may have been contacted by your consultant regarding umbrella providers. Recently, Local Authorities re-awarded some of their vendor contracts as part of the MSTAR3 Framework, which tells Councils how to recruit temp staff. As part of these new contracts, it is now up to us (as your recruiter) to ensure that every […]