Budget cuts see stricter requirements for adult social care in the coming year

Due to the rising cost of delivering day-to-day services, as many as 72% of England’s major local authorities have announced plans to introduce tighter eligibility requirements for those seeking adult social care.
According to analysis from the County Councils Network (CCN), councils across the UK are facing a £3.5bn of inflationary and demand costs. This is more than double the rise than was anticipated.
As a result, local adult services are expected to suffer, with more than half (56%) of CCN members agreeing that cuts were unavoidable.
Only one in five councils (22%) reported feeling confident that they would manage to legally balance the books. If this is not achieved, non-statutory services are put at risk and will likely require financial support from the government to keep them running.
The research was based on information provided by 90% of the CCN’s 36 members, and was conducted ahead of the government’s autumn statement.
CNN Labour vice-chair, Sam Corcoran, says: “This County Councils Network budget survey paints a clear picture of what will happen if we do not receive more funding to address inflationary and demand pressures.
“Councils will have little choice but to reduce vital everyday services and those for the most vulnerable in society, as well as economic growth projects and those aimed at tackling climate change. Reducing these all create a false economy that stores up problems for the future.”
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