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Boost your Self-Esteem Month: how to celebrate being YOU

In this blog, we’ll explore empowering strategies and practical tips to elevate your self-esteem this ‘Boost your Self-Esteem Month’.  What is self-esteem? Self-esteem is how you perceive and value yourself. For example, high self-esteem can look like:  Sense of self-worth  Confident in your identity  Being kind to yourself  Not afraid to step outside of your […]

Case management unpacked

Calling all our newly qualified social workers! When you first get your feet on the ground, it can feel like you are being bombarded with new words, information and instructions. Despite learning most of it at university, putting everything into practice is a little different, isn’t it? Today, we wanted to revise what is meant […]

Councils prompted to join project in move to reduce social worker workload

Local authorities are encouraged to participate in an initiative aimed at alleviating the workload of social workers within children’s services departments.    Fifteen authorities will examine and evaluate strategies and tools to address unnecessary challenges for practitioners, ultimately allowing them to dedicate more time to children and families.   The review testing and implementation network […]

Dear newly qualified social worker…

Are you a newly qualified social worker? Congratulations! Here’s a few things to bare in mind before you start your first gig… 1.Ask questions  Not sure about something? Ask! Whether it’s an instruction you’re being given, information you receive about a case or something you don’t agree with, be inquisitive and make decisions based on […]

Tackling racism in social work

Unfortunately, racism is still a key issue in the health and social care sector. From verbal abuse to physical threats, over a quarter of social workers have reported instances of racial discrimination in the workplace. In this blog, we discuss the steps you should take if you experience racism as a social worker  What should […]