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Coping with secondary trauma as a social worker

As a social worker in the UK, you’re probably all too familiar with the terms ‘burnout’, ‘stress’ and ‘emotional exhaustion’ – but what about secondary trauma?  In this blog, we explore exactly what it means to have secondary trauma, and how to spot the signs.  What is secondary trauma?  Secondary trauma is when an individual […]

Social Pulse: Insights from the Frontline with Laura

Today, Social Personnel hears from Laura, a children’s social worker whose experiences will resonate with those in similar frontline roles.  Laura’s days are filled with varied challenges, each case presenting its unique complexities. Despite the chaos, she finds immense fulfilment in making a positive impact on people’s lives. This blog explores her strategies for building […]

Thought of the Day: “What is something you wish you’d known before starting a career in health and social care?”

Welcome to our new segment: Social Pulse: Thought of the Day! In this series, we delve into the minds of our experienced social workers to uncover insights, perspectives, and wisdom gained from their journey in the field. This week, we posed the question: “What is something you wish you’d known before starting a career in […]

International Women’s Day: how to inspire inclusion

It’s International Women’s Day! Let’s take this opportunity to celebrate the wonderful women in our lives, and remind ourselves of the positive changes we can make to create a gender-equal world. This year’s theme is ‘Inspire Inclusion’, which is centred around making sure women are being given the same opportunities as men to be present, […]

Adult social care workforce sees 7% increase

Recent data has shown a 7% increase in adult social workers last year.   According to annual statistics provided by Skills for Care, English local authorities expanded their adult social worker team, incorporating agency personnel, from 17,300 to 18,500 in the year ending September 2023, marking a 7% surge as per the latest annual data from […]