A Lockdown Update from Chris

Yesterday the Prime Minister announced another full nationwide lockdown affecting all of us in a variety of ways… One constant, however, has been those of you who continue to provide services for the sick, vulnerable, and in need, and who continue to deliver key services to the public. Unfortunately, we’ve seen first-hand the effect that this awful pandemic has had on frontline workers including teachers, supermarket workers, and delivery drivers (and our own staff. We know that without those of you who selflessly go out into the community to support others, individuals and families would no doubt be much more disadvantaged, lonelier, and more isolated than ever before, and we owe you a debt we can never repay.

Both 2020 (and now 2021) have been hard going, with changes in guidance/legislation, missing out on much needed time with family, friends, and loved ones as well as dealing with mental, financial, and physical challenges… I wrote a blog piece back during Lockdown 1 (how long ago does that feel!) that was full of hope, optimism, and pride in how the public sector approached the pandemic and the wonder how individuals managed to continue to work under such difficult circumstances. The “Clap for Carers”, our own #ThankYouSocialCare campaign, and Sir Captain Tom were all borne out of profound respect for Social Workers, Care staff, and frontline NHS staff. You have continued to do that under great strain, never complaining that the weight is too heavy to bear… We are thankful and grateful that you are there in our time of need.

I’d like to leave on a positive (if I can) and say that as a society we have continued to rely on the delivery drivers, shopkeepers, post offices, small local businesses that have become the beating heart of their communities. This has been the most challenging 12 months of our lives and we will always remember this, in our own way, not only as a time of difficulty and fear but as a time when people reconnected, to their families, to their community, or to society as a whole. Let’s hope that once this is all over, we remember the lessons we’ve learned (both good and bad) throughout this most testing of times and continue to lift each other up.

We also posted some useful well-being resources for those needing some additional support during this time. Please feel free to share with fellow colleagues, friends, and family who may need to talk to someone. Click here.

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