A Gritty Partnership

We are pleased to announce that we are now working in partnership with Grit: breakthrough programmes, a wonderful charity who work with young people from difficult/disadvantaged backgrounds to get them on the right path and show them, despite your beginnings, your end can be whatever you want it to be.

We take our corporate social responsibility seriously, and when looking to partner with a single charity, we didn’t want to just pick one out of a hat, share a few social media posts and then meet them once a year to hand over one of those jumbo cheques and have photos taken for said social media. We wanted to find an organisation relevant to our business, that we could engage with on a far greater level than just fundraising. After some research, Grit seemed to be just that organisation; and they have embraced us with open arms.

I feel that is probably how they greet all people – every single person I’ve met from Grit has an overwhelming warmth about them, they are gentle and have a way of instantly making you want to open up to them. In our initial meeting with Neil the CEO, Chris and I found ourselves telling him our life stories, and I could easily to talk to everyone I’ve met since in the same way.

We hope to use our expertise and knowledge to add to the great work they already do. From delivering CV Writing and Interview Skills training, to offering apprenticeships directly with us, to helping with funding for training, and then help in finding employment once qualified.

We asked the team to join us on our boat party, a way of letting them see a bit more about what to expect from us, and a good networking opportunity for them too. Here is what the lovely Mo had to say about his time with us –
“The first time I heard about attending the boat party to represent Grit I was ecstatic! The warm welcome we received totally exceeded my expectation. We felt like part of the team the minute we arrived. Lucky for us the lovely Chris briefed us on names and titles before we got down to business. He and Laura were on hand throughout to make us feel welcome and accepted.
We were overwhelmed by how positive and energetic the staff were. I learnt just how much this company has excelled. Not only have they come a long way in a short amount of time they have continued to maintain great relationships.”

We feel very excited about this partnership and the work we can do together. And we will of course still be doing plenty of fundraising in between, watch out for updates on fun events and gruelling runs!

If you’d like to make a donation to Grit, please click the link below:

Lauren and Mohamed from Grit chat to SP Director Tommy onboard the Dutch Master at the SP Boat Party

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