5 benefits of wellbeing hubs for social workers

Did you know that as a social worker, you have access to mental health and wellbeing hubs? As well as being absolutely free, this service offers NHS workers access to counselling and talking therapy. In this blog, we look at the other key benefits of this service and how you can get involved or help a fellow colleague out. 



Whether you choose to use the wellbeing hubs is completely up to your discretion. Your employer will not be informed if you do as the service exists to provide confidential support to NHS staff in need. 


2. Available to all social workers

From dentists, to senior NHS staff and qualified social carers, the 40 wellbeing hubs are now live and available to all healthcare workers. A few members of staff may be referred to NHS Practitioner Health by their local hub if their needs cannot be catered for locally. 


3. Separate from your organisation 

Individuals wishing to use the service need not go through their organisation – simply visit theNHS website to get started. Not sure whether the hubs are for you? Fill out this self-assessment to find out. 


4. Offers key services

Wellbeing hubs offer social workers clinical assessments and can refer you to local services such as counselling and therapy if necessary. 


5. Free of charge

Healthcare staff across the board can access the pods free of charge. If you have a colleague who you think might benefit from this service, then you can refer them (with their permission). 


Visit the NHS website to access the pods and/or find relevant support. 


Remember to always reach out for help if you are struggling, there will always be someone to help. 

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