£1,925 pay rise for social workers across the UK

On 1 November 2022, local government trade unions agreed to a pay offer that will add an additional £1,925 to social workers’ salaries across the UK. 

The pay offer will be backdated to 1 April 2022. 

Marking the largest increase in pay for local government workers in over a decade, the pay offer equates to a 4.04% to 6.6.% pay rise for social carers. For the lowest-paid employees, it represents a more marked increase of 10.5%. 

Who’s eligible? 

Those earning up to £47,665 per annum who work in adults’ or children’s services under the National Joint Council for local government services agreement are eligible for the pay rise. 

What else is included in this pay award? 

In addition to the nearing £2k pay increase, social workers will receive:


  • An extra day of annual leave, effective from 1 April 2023. 
  • 4% increase to allowances, backdated to 1 April 2022.
  • The erasure of the bottom pay-point on the same date.


Mike Short, UNISON national secretary for local government, says: “UNISON members voted clearly to accept this pay offer, and it will come as a welcome relief to many of our members – particularly those who are lower-paid – that it has been agreed before the holiday period.

“Our immediate priority, now, is to get the money into the pay packets of workers as soon as possible, to help deal with the rapidly rising cost of living and move into the next pay round.

“We know there is much more to do, as this pay settlement is still below inflation and we will be looking to submit a pay claim for 2023 as soon as practically possible, so the employers have no excuse for delaying making an offer next year.

“We will be expecting that offer to meet our members’ needs and address the massive pressure they are facing due to the rate of inflation.”

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